Saturday, October 08, 2005

Healthy Boundaries

Here are some examples of healthy boundaries for you to create for yourself.

I will place specific conditions upon my willingness to enter into or remain in any relationship. I do this for my protection and for the benefit of the other person.

I would rather be alone than in a relationship, which undermines my good feelings about myself.

I will not love someone who is unable to love me in return.

I will not make, or accept, excuses for anyone in consideration of my real needs.

I will not give love to someone who has no love for themselves.

I accept, without any exceptions, that I am worthy to give and receive love, respect, and acceptance.

I have love and respect for myself regardless of what anyone else says about me.

I do not need everyone to love, accept, and respect me. While it would be nice if they did, regardless of their feelings, I will still have self-love and self-respect.

I accept that both my positive, and my negative, feelings are real and need honest, healthy expression.

I am responsible for the expression of my feelings.

I trust my feelings and have the ability to act upon them in an adult manner.

I will not enter into relationships that do not meet my healthy needs.

I will not expect others to be aware of my needs. Instead, I will accept the responsibility to communicate my needs to others.

I am willing to accept the consequences of my actions.

I will not lay blame for my own shortcomings upon another person.

I accept the fact that my feelings are one-sided and thus I'm also willing to accept the fact that you have the right to reject me for you own reasons.

I am willing to listen to your opinions of me, but I will not allow a lifetime of effort to build myself into a healthy person to be invalidated by your opinions.

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